Euonymus Paloma Blanca

The Perfect Choice for Groundcover!

Euonymus Paloma Blanca - or as it is also aptly known as White Candle Euonymus. New growth shows as a pale greenish white foliage which deepens to a dark green as it matures. Great ground cover and year-round colour.

Colour Green, White, Dark Green
Height Approximately 70cm
Spread Approximately 70cm
Flowering All year round
Planting Position Full Sun to Partial Shade

EMY024E Euonymus Paloma Blanca 24 Plants 9cm Pot £92.76 (£3.87 per plant)
EMY018E Euonymus Paloma Blanca 18 Plants 9cm Pot £75.82 (£4.21 per plant)
EMY003E Euonymus Paloma Blanca 3 Plant 9cm Pot £13.98 (£4.66 per plant)
EMY012E Euonymus Paloma Blanca 12 Plants 9cm Pot £58.88 (£4.91 per plant)
EMY006E Euonymus Paloma Blanca 6 Plants 9cm Pot £31.94 (£5.32 per plant)
EMY001E Euonymus Paloma Blanca 1 Plant 9cm Pot £6.99 (£6.99 per plant)

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    Mrs W Cheshire: My begonias arrived and I’m absolutely delighted with them! I was very pleased with the packaging and the condition of the plants was excellent!’

    Mrs P Belfast: ‘Your packaging is first class and your plants always give me great satisfaction and are admired by many’


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