2 Pansy Colourburst Container Autumn Inserts Plastic


Save Money with our Autumn Pansy Colourburst Inserts!

Order any pair of Summer Pre-Planted Containers from our Spring Collection and get these Autumn Pansy Colourburst Replacement Inserts for just £21.98 - that's a saving of £7!

All you need to do is empty the contents of your Summer containers into the compost bin, clean, drop in your new Autumn Pre-Planted Pansy Inserts, then water, hang and enjoy - blooming easy! These wonderful Biodegradable Insert Pots contain our beautiful Pansy Colourburst Plants, which will produce large, colourful blooms from Autumn until next Spring!

Colour Beaconsfield, Orange, Primrose, Red Wing, White, Yellow with Blue, Orange, Red, Rose, White & Yellow Blotch.
Height 20 - 25cm
Spread Approximately 15cm
Flowering Autumn to Spring
Sold As Pre-Planted Inserts
Despatch Period September

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