Carnivorous Plants Collection A


Hardy, Outdoor Carnivorous Plants

This superb collection of Carnivorous Plants will not only prove to be a unique and exotic feature but they will also be a very effective and environmentally friendly mode of pest control. Carnivorous plants are among nature’s most intriguing plants and are enjoying unprecedented popularity with the gardeners of today. The ability of these plants to attract, catch and consume insects and unwanted pests is truly breathtaking. Outdoor grown Carnivorous plants do not require any additional feed as most of the time they catch more than enough pests to keep them healthy. Insects can be fed by hand though to supplement their diet a Carnivorous plant that does not catch any insects will rarely die, although its growth will be flawed.

Collection Varieties Sarracenia Wrigleyana, Purpurea Purpurea, Sarracenia Purpurea Venosa
Height 10 - 50cm
Spread 10 - 50cm
Sold As 9cm Pot
Despatch Period Throughout May

Please note: when watering use rainwater or distilled water - not tap water.

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