Heuchera Fire Chief 2 Pre-Planted Containers Delivery Period 2


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Heuchera Fire Chief is a vibrant variety of this Hardy Shrub and looks great when in containers. An attractive pair with year round foliage and colour in the later seasons. Terrific on a Patio, Deck or in the Garden.

Colour Pink/White Flowers and Red Foliage
Height Approximately 50cm
Spread Approximately 50cm
Flowering Spring and early Summer
Planting Position Full Sun to Partial Shade
Sold As Pre-Planted Containers
Despatch Period Late Delivery Window 2: 1st - 15th November 2016

All Orders must be received by the 31st May 2016 for Late Delivery Period 2 (1st - 15th November 2016)

Our Pre-Planted 27cm Containers contain plants grown individually in pots at our nurseries in Jersey. Each can vary in the measurement of height from the root of the plant to the plant to the top of the stem.

Each Pre-Planted container comes with a FREE Plant Hydrator.

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