Accelerata Plant Food

Special Add-On Offer

If you want larger, more beautiful plants, then get your bedding off to a great start with our Accelerata bedding plant feed. Ready measured, these sachets contain water soluble plant feed.

You will receive 80 x 5g individual sachets. With a specially balanced ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium each sachet provides 5 litres of the ideal nutrition for bedding plants. 80 sachets will cover up to 4000 square feet of planted bedding or Up to 200, 27cm containers, over 6000 9cm pots or 1600+ 10 cell grow on trays.

ADD010P Accelerata Plant Food 10 x 5g Sachets £1.99 (20p per plant)
AFF020A Accelerata Plant Food 20 x 5g Sachets £4.00 (20p per plant)
AFF080A Accelerata Plant Food 80 x 5g Sachets £16.00 (20p per plant)

  • Testimonials

    Mrs W Cheshire: My begonias arrived and I’m absolutely delighted with them! I was very pleased with the packaging and the condition of the plants was excellent!’

    Mrs P Belfast: Your packaging is first class and your plants always give me great satisfaction and are admired by many’


    Reviews from Spring 2019

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