Gardening Advice

The Old Ones are the Best

You know that comment about an old joke ‘the old ones are the best’?  Well the same can be said of that old trustworthy plant, the Geranium.

3 September 2020
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We Need Bees so "Lets Get Busy"

I remember that on my father’s tomato nursery we used to regularly introduce bumblebees into the glasshouses to pollinate the flowers and achieve that bumper crop.

3 September 2020
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Saving Money In Your Garden

Gardening need not be expensive, with some advice you could be saving money everywhere in your garden from your tool box to your vegetable plot.

3 September 2020
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Involving Children in the Garden

It’s difficult to create a balance between a space you love and an area safe for your children and grandchildren to play.

3 September 2020
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