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9cm Chilli Pepper Plants




As test we have grown a range of chilies with varying degrees of Hotness for you to try.
Ideal for the windowsill or the conservatory or south facing protected patio.
You can either pot them up or put on your windowsill but it would be best to pot them up into bigger pots in the long run.
These plants are all compact in habit and you will be able to pick chilies for the rest of the summer.
Enjoy adding fresh chilies to your curry or your stir fry or your con carne.
But beware the Jolokia chocolate are very very hot so handle carefully and use sparingly in your food.
Not only will you be able to cook with fresh chilies but they are also decorative pot plants in themselves with varying colours.
There are fruits already forming on the plants and you will have chilies ready to pick by the end of August.


• Peat free and reduced peat compost
• Only Organic fertilisers used
• No chemical sprays only natural products
• Use of biological control agents as alternative to chemicals
• Use of companion plants such as chives and marigold to deter insects

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