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YouTube Subscription Competiton 28th April 2018 to 7th May 2018


September Photo Competition 


1)      The find Mr Pumpkin competition starts at 9.00am on Wednesday 3rd October and ends 12.00pm 31st 2018.

2)      To be eligible, entrants must send in a link to the product with Mr Pumpkin in the product photo through private message between the start date and the end date, 12.00pm on the 31st of October, after which point no more entrants will be considered. In addition, anyone who has won a competition run by us in the past 12 months will be ineligible to enter.

3)     One entrant will then be randomly selected to win £30 worth of plants.

4)     The following day on the 1st of November, the winner will be announced on Facebook, provided we have been able to contact them beforehand, and they will be awarded £30 worth of plants for their personal use.

5)     We reserve the right to extend the duration of the competition, should we deem it necessary.

6)     Anyone who has met the criteria of this competition will be considered to have read and agreed to all of the above competition rules.

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