Vine Weevil Larvae: Control with 5 million Parasitic Nematodes


Preventing Vine Weevil Larvae

Having trouble with garden pests? These biological control products will ensure that pests stop killing your plants.

Despatch Period April to May

Vine Weevil Larvae: Control with Parasitic Nematodes (Heter) BC07 This pest feeds underground on roots and stem-bases from mid/late summer through winter, severely weakening or killing plants. Mainly a problem in container plants, but can cause serious damage to some plants in borders and to strawberries. Larvae are "C" shaped, cream coloured with a brown head. Control with Parasitic Nematodes (Heterorhabditis sp.)BC07: Microscopic transparent worms which feed and multiply inside the larva, not visible with a hand lens. Dilute with water before use. Must be applied to moist compost/soil between August and October. a follow up treatment may be applied between April and May.

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