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Did you know that in tropical climes of Western Africa, Fiddle Leaf Fig can stretch up to 50 foot? Famed for her bold, glossy green leaves with striking red-tinted veins, Fiddle is the fashi... Read More
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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Did you know that in tropical climes of Western Africa, Fiddle Leaf Fig can stretch up to 50 foot? Famed for her bold, glossy green leaves with striking red-tinted veins, Fiddle is the fashionable ‘It’ houseplant with no sign of budging from her star status.

Get to know Fiddle Leaf Fig

  • Difficulty – Fiddle’s a bit of a high-maintenance diva, but let’s be honest – it’s not easy looking this good.
  • Light – Fiddle thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. If in doubt, place her by a window and let her soak in the morning sunshine. Turn her once a week so all her leaves get equal loving from the sun.
  • Humidity – Place away from hot or cold air drafts and give her a regular misting.
  • Water – When the top two inches of Fiddle’s soil feels dry, water her like a rainstorm’s hit and repeat every 1-2 weeks.
  • Pet-friendly – No, she’s toxic if indigested by your furry friends.
  • Top Care Tip – If Fiddle’s looking a little lacklustre, i.e. dying, you can revive her by chopping off the top of her trunk.
  • Keep her shiny by giving her a quick wipe with a damp towel once a month.
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Despatch Period Within 3 Working Days
Height 26-50cm
Additional Details Where indicated, including a white ceramic pot.

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