Gazania Firecracker 12 Mega Plants

You Can Also Buy Gazania Firecracker as:

Stunning Brightly Coloured Gazanias

Popular and beautifully bright coloured Gazanias have large daisy-like flower heads. With a variety of colours on the petals they will delight you throughout the Summer. The Gazania Firecracker is just great where there are dry conditions and is salt tolerant so perfect for coastal or seaside conditions. Plant in full sun to get the best blooms.

Colour Mixed
Height 20 - 25cm
Spread Approximately 25cm
Flowering May to First Frost
Planting Position Full Sun
Sold As Mega Plants
Despatch Period Late March to end of May

Mega Plants are grown in individual cells and measure approximately 11-16cm in height from the root of the plant to the top of the stem. 

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