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Grow Fruit Trees on your Patio


Can you imagine the delight of picking your own fruit, fresh from the tree on the patio?




Our dwarf fruit trees of apple, pear, cherry and plum varieties are extremely easy to grow and will produce an abundance of fruit from next summer. They require very little training or pruning and will be laden with healthy delicious fruit on a single stem.

We have a range of fruit trees available; prices start at £19.99 for two varieties of fruit trees.

Always wanted to grow your own fruit trees but never had enough room? Gardening Direct have the answer! Due to their upright nature and the fact that they can be grown approx 40-70cm apart, these fruit trees are ideal for the patio or as a centre piece in a small garden.

These pot grown apple trees can be planted all year round. Enjoy the crunchy, mouth-watering sweet, and tart flavours of your fresh picked Golden Delicious apples. 

Here at Gardening Direct we also offer two Conference and Doyenne du Comice  Pear trees for £19.99.  Conference pear trees produce a  juicy narrow fruit with firm flesh and are extremely popular because they are reliable under less than desirable conditions, which makes them perfect for the English climate. Doyenne du Comice are known for their brilliant texture and outstanding taste. Conference pears should be harvested in late September and Doyenne du Comice pears in mid October, both will produce a fantastic crop year after year.

If you are looking for  something a little   more unusual, take a look at our Plum and  Cherry tree combination.

The varieties are the sweet tasting Cherry Helena and Plum Black Amber. Cherry Helena should be harvested in July and Plum Black Amber in August.

If you can't chose whether you would rather have apples or  pears why not try one of each?  We now offer a combination of 1 Golden Delicious Apple Tree and 1 Conference Pear Tree or 1 Braeburn Apple Tree & 1 Doyenne du Comice Pear Tree. Still only £19.99 for 2!

Saving money is just one of the fantastic benefits to growing your own fruit. Also do not forget that by growing your own you are in complete control of growing methods. No chemicals or sprays, you can enjoy your healthy home-grown fruit for years to come. Growing your own fruit is also extremely beneficial for the environment; fruit filters the air, conditions the soil and attracts pollinators into your garden.

Produce your own fresh fruit all summer long with our fantastic Patio Fruit trees.

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