How to Plant your Hanging Gardens




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Our Hanging Gardens are the ideal container for your bedding plants from only £17.98 for 8 Hanging Gardens.  They are so versatile - easy to plant, easy to hang, enabling you to create fantastic floral displays. Plus an added benefit is that each one comes with an easy to insert watering tube enabling easier, quicker and more efficient watering. 

Hanging Gardens with Watering Tubes

Quantity of 8, £17.98

Combined Offer - Hanging Gardens with Watering Tubes plus Raingel

Quantity of 8 gardens + 150g of Raingel, £22.98

Our Best Autumn Medium Plugs for a beautiful hanging garden are:

Polyanthus High Seas

70 Medium Plugs, £17.99

Bellis Belle

70 Medium Plugs, £17.99



Pansy Strawberry Rose

70 Medium Plugs N/A

Pansy Oceana

70 Medium Plugs, £16.99

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