Information for Existing Customers

Dear Customer,

My name is Tim Dunningham, a founder of Gardening Direct and now Managing Director once again.

Six years ago I founded Jersey Choice, specialising in growing and selling bedding plants and mature shrubs, perennials and roses. Helping me was Peter Clark, ex Horticultural Director of Gardening Direct and Andrea Martin ex Customer Services Manager of Gardening Direct. It makes real sense to combine our companies’ resources, which means that your old team is back.

Gardening Direct isn’t going to radically change. You’ll still see your favourite varieties (perhaps with a few name changes). Plant sizes will stay the same and still be grown and despatched in Jersey. You’ll get the best offers, including prices under £10 and plants from pennies each.

Changes we think you’ll like are, for example, bigger tray sizes so more bedding plants. Existing customers will now always see the best deals – no special offers or late sales for new customers. You’ll also notice a new phone number and address. We are combining the whole operation here in Jersey just like the old days. This should improve our management communication, meaning better service.

Gardening Direct can now choose from the extensive Jersey Choice range. So you can now buy “Choice instant impact” pot perennials and shrubs at great value prices. Additional expertise and facilities mean we can focus on improving quality. More of that later, but for now I can say that we are increasing our guarantee from 7 to 28 days.

Your “new old” team intends to bring you the right balance of continuity and change for the better. I really do want you to share the experience with us. Thank you for your previous custom, and let’s all enjoy gardening together.

Yours Faithfully

Tim Dunningham
Managing Director.

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