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Garlic Cristo (White)
Garlic Cristo (White)

Garlic 'Cristo' (White)

Growing you own fruit and vegetables couldn't be easier. A softneck variety of garlic, 'Cristo' has a subtle yet intense flavour that can be used in a wide range of dishes, whether that we be cooked or… Read more
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Growing you own fruit and vegetables couldn't be easier. A softneck variety of garlic, 'Cristo' has a subtle yet intense flavour that can be used in a wide range of dishes, whether that we be cooked or raw. 'Cristo' will produce large bulbs with paper-like white skin that will be ready to harvest from May to July. Softneck varieties of garlic will not produce flower stems, but they will mature sooner and will usually have a milder flavour and has better storage properties of up to 3 months or more after harvesting. Easy to grow, they are an ideal choice for gardeners of any experience. Garlic can be planted in either the autumn or spring and will thrive in a sunny and well-drained spot in the garden. Delivered as 2 x bulbs ready to split into approximately 12 cloves for planting.
  • Height:60 cm
  • Spread:15 cm
  • RHS Garden Merit
  • Plant In Sunshine
  • Winter Hardy
  • Edible
  • Easy To Grow

Top Tips

  • Garlic doesn’t like to be too wet, so if your soil is heavy or prone to waterlogging, try planting in raised beds or large pots using good-quality compost.
  • Plant next year’s garlic in a different spot as crop rotation will minimise the risk of disease.

Care Guide

How to grow ‘Cristo’ garlic

  • ‘Cristo’ can be planted in the autumn for early crops, or from March to April, once the frosts have gone.
  • Choose a sunny position in the garden that hasn’t been used to grow onions, garlic or leeks before.
  • If your soil is heavy, or prone to waterlogging, prepare the plot in advance by digging in plenty of well-rotted manure or garden compost (avoid using fresh manure) to improve fertility and drainage. Or grow in good-quality compost in raised beds, trugs or containers of at least 20cm (8in) diameter and depth.
  • Divide each bulb into individual cloves – one bulb will typically split into approximately 12 cloves for planting.
  • Plant each clove with flat end downwards, pointy end up, about 3cm (1½in) deep so that the tip is showing, at intervals of at least 15cm (6in) and leaving 45cm (18in) between each row.
  • Firm the soil and keep watered through the growing season as necessary; do not allow the soil to dry out or become waterlogged.
  • Keep weed-free and protect from birds while the plants are young.
  • Reduce watering towards harvest time to avoid the bulbs getting over-wet, which may cause them to rot.
  • Harvest autumn-planted bulbs from May, or spring-planted bulbs from June onwards, when the leaves begin to turn yellow and dry.
  • Loosen the bulbs with a trowel and then lift out gently. Shake off the soil from the roots and leave to dry out in the sunshine, or hang in a warm, dry, airy position.
  • Bulbs will keep well for 3 months or more stored in a cool, dry and airy place.

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