Create a Patriotic Themed Garden


Celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year with a patriotic display!


This year, across Britain we celebrated the Queen's Jubilee between the 2nd and 5th of June.


And with the Olympic Games just around the corner, what better reason is there to create your very own glorious patriotic floral display! Resplendent in reds, blues and whites, your garden will look fantastic...the perfect way to show your support.

If you fancy creating your own scheme, take a look at these stunning red, white and blue plants:



Petunia Montage

70 Plants, £15.99

Lobelia Trail Away (Trailing)

70 Plants, £15.99






Geranium White Ivy

6 Large Plants, £10.99

Marigold African Vanilla

70 Plants, £18.99





Geranium Fire Queen

70 Plants £14.99

Salvia Desert Fire

70 Plants, £15.99

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