Mint, Coriander and Thyme Herb Pots


Improve Your Cooking By Adding Home Grown Herbs

This set contains 3 kits containing seeds, pots, soil and instructions. Feel the self-satisfaction when you add herbs to your recipe grown from your own garden. What a tasty treat! Not only are they easy to grow, you can grow them in your garden borders, a raised bed, patio pots, window boxes or hanging baskets. Plant them in a sunny position, where you are able to enjoy their aroma. You will be able to start picking the fresh leaves as soon as the plant looks as though it has enough foliage to maintain its growth.

Collection Varieties Mint, Coriander and Thyme
Harvesting As soon as the plant has enough foliage to maintain its growth
Sold As 9cm Pot
Despatch Period Within 10 days of receipt of order

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