How to Grow Ornamental Plants

Designing and creating your own flower garden is much easier than you might think – and it’s also supremely satisfying to see the colours and blooms as they come through. We use our years of experience to select the best varieties of flowers and other ornamental plants each season.

Just Starting Out, or Looking for New Ideas?

The number of varieties available can be overwhelming, and so we’ve created these growing guides and plant profiles. Information on planting and flowering times will help in the planning of a year-round display, while practical details on planting out help you get started. Each guide gives you a profile of a particular plant with all this information, as well as a short history of the variety. Each guide is also full of extra tips and ideas to help you get the most from your garden.

There’s a huge range of possibilities - plant out a bedding display, an edge for your lawn, a hanging basket or a range of flowers especially to cut and arrange indoors. Whether you have a window box, a patio or an extensive garden with a multitude of beds, ornamental gardening can create a real sense of pride and expectation, colouring the seasons with style and definition.

Get Gardening!

With a range of specially chosen plants and bulbs, there will always be something happening in your garden at every time of the year – from flowers peeping through in the early spring through to blazing colour in the summer, followed by cool season ornamentals through into the winter.

We have the Following Ornamental Plant Guides: 

Antirrhinum Guide

Bellis Guide

Cyclamen Guide

Dianthus Guide

Geranium Guide

Mimulus Guide

Pansies Guide

Polyanthus Guide

Primrose Guide

Ranunculus Guide

Stocks Guide

Sweet William Guide

Violas Guide

Wallflowers Guide

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