Papaver Pizzicato 12 Large Plants


Tougher, Bigger, Longer Lasting!

Much tougher and bigger than wild Poppies, Pizzicato holds on to their petals for longer, adding movement in the border as huge flowers sway on long stems. The petals of the blooms have delicate, papery look and feel. They have flamboyant, brightly coloured, large cup shaped flowers with black based petals that add splashes of colour to your summer garden. This variety produces large blooms with fringed edged petals.

Colour Reds, Pinks, White, Oranges, Coral
Height Approximately 50cm
Spread Approximately 20cm
Flowering June to September
Planting Position Full Sun
Sold As Large Plants
Despatch Period September to October

Large Plants are grown in individual cells and measure approximately 8-14cm in height from the root of the plant to the top of the stem. 

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