Potatoes Desiree

Grow And Cook Your Own Potatoes Fresh From The Vegetable Patch

Desiree is an oval, red skinned potato, produces a bountiful harvest, with a firm, pale, yellow, waxy flesh, is of Maincrop maturity and offers bountiful crops and early bulking.

Harvesting 15 - 20 weeks after planting

Main crops: If planted in Mid March would be ready to harvest within 15-20 weeks. Desiree has high resistance to Potato Virus Y and Powdery Scab. With a floury taste, this variety has a firm texture when cooked and is good for boiling, baking, chips and mash.

POT001G Desiree Seed Potatoes (1kg) £3.99
POT002G Desiree Seed Potatoes (2kg) £5.99

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