Potatoes Maris Peer

Imagine your own tasty home-grown potatoes

Maris Peer potatoes with patio planters are perfect for people with limited space in their gardens. producing a big crop of oval, white tubers with a white, creamy flesh.

Harvesting 12 -14 weeks after planting

Second Earlies: If planted in Mid March would be ready to harvest within 12-14 weeks. Culinary uses include boiling, baking and salad. Offers good resistance to Powdery Scab, Gangrene, Damage, Bruising and Skin Spot.

POT001E Maris Peer Seed Potatoes (1kg) £4.99
POT002E Maris Peer Seed Potatoes (2kg) £7.49
PBG024E Maris Peer Seed Potatoes (2kg) plus 4 patio planters £15.99 (£15.99 per plant)

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    Mrs W Cheshire: My begonias arrived and I’m absolutely delighted with them! I was very pleased with the packaging and the condition of the plants was excellent!’

    Mrs P Belfast: Your packaging is first class and your plants always give me great satisfaction and are admired by many’


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