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Premium Plants - our premium cutting raised plants
Transform your cascading displays this Summer with our Premium Trailing Petunia Collection. You will receive 6 Large Plants of each of the four popular varieties in this collection, all guar... Read More
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24 Premium Large Plants BED024A Late March until the end of May
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Premium Trailing Petunia Favourites

Flowering Months

Transform your cascading displays this Summer with our Premium Trailing Petunia Collection. You will receive 6 Large Plants of each of the four popular varieties in this collection, all guaranteed to delight! These little beauties are easy-to-care-for, have unbeatable flower power and offer long-lasting colour for your Summer hanging baskets and patio pots.

    At a Glance:

  • Perfect for all planters
  • Can be mixed and separated into different pots (2 in a small pot or 6 in a big one or basket)
  • Enough for all corners of your garden
More Information
Collection Varieties Includes 6 each of: Petunia Surfinia Classic, Petunia Trillion Bells Carnival Mix, Petunia Trillion Bells Celebration Mix and Petunia Surfinia Double
Flower First Year Yes
Ideal For Borders, Pots, Containers, Hanging Baskets
Spread 26-50cm
Trailing Length Varied
Planting Position Full Sun to Partial Shade
Premium Yes

Careful packaging and despatch of your plants
We deliver all our plants to you by courier. We despatch our plants on Monday, Tuesday and Friday of each week to make sure that they don’t spend longer than is absolutely necessary in transit. Don’t worry about Bank Holidays because we always adjust our delivery days to take long weekends into account.

Trays of plants, such as our Small Plugs, Medium Plugs, Large Plugs and XLarge Plugs are carefully packed into specially made sturdy boxes. The boxes have special 'tabs' to hold the tray in place during transit. This means that even if the box is turned upside down, the tray will not fall over and squash your plants.

The same care and attention is taken when sending bare rooted plants, bulbs and plants in pots, to ensure that they do not move around unnecessarily in the packaging.

Multiple orders
When you place an order with Gardening Direct for more than one product it does not mean they will be despatched at the same time. Our plants our only sent out when they have passed our rigorous quality screening which means if they are not up to our high standards then they will not be despatched. Our plants must have reached a sufficient stage of growth, size and quality. You have to remember that we are dealing with plants and they all grow at different rates, hence we believe it best to send them out when they are ready and in the best possible condition. So even if you place an order at the same time they may arrive at different times to ensure you receive your product in its optimum condition.

First come First Served
We employ a first come first served policy on all our orders. (We are British after all!) Placing your order early in the season will give you a better chance of receiving your plants earlier in the season. We think it’s the fairest way to despatch our plants to our customers. So now you know, ordering early means you'll get your plants earlier in the season!

Free Delivery on all Orders Over £50.00
Delivery is free for all orders over £50. For orders under £50 a small fee of £4.95 will be charged.

Small Plugs Medium Plugs Large Plants Premium Bedding Plants Mega Plants
Size Illustration
Size from the base of the plant to the top of the stem 4-8cm 6-10cm 7-11cm 8-14cm 11-16cm
Width 1.3cm 2cm 4.2cm 3.5cm - 4.2cm 5.6cm
Quantity Trays of 170 Trays of 70 Trays of 24 Plants Trays of 6, 12 or 24 Trays of 12 Plants
Small Plugs

Height (base to top of stem)


Trays of 170

Medium Plugs

Height (base to top of stem)


Trays of 70

Large Plugs

Height (base to top of stem)


Trays of 24 Plants

Premium Bedding Plants

Height (base to top of stem)

3.5cm - 4.2cm

Trays of 6, 12 or 24

Mega Plants

Height (base to top of stem)


Trays of 12 Plants

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