Set of 4 Manhattan Stackable Crates with 12 Hawaiian Kalani Plants and Free 10L Compost


Inter changeable stackable Crates for Original Garden Displays!

As part of the Manhattan Stackable Crate Planting Kit, you receive 4 crates, all in different sizes, 12 colourful Hawaiian Kalani Large Plants and a Free Bag of 10 LTR Compost. You can position in your garden and patio decking areas as you wish, for total versatility with your displays in your garden this Summer.

Extra Large: L 32cm, W 18cm, H 41cm

Large: L 27cm, W 15cm, H 25cm

Medium: L 27cm, W 15cm, H25cm

Small : L 27cm W 15cm H 12cm

Colour Shades of Pink, Orange and Yellow
Flowering May until the First Frosts
Sold As Pre-Planted Pots/Containers
Despatch Period Mid April until the end of June

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