Strawberry 12 Plants


Grow Your Own Harvest Of Strawberries

With these plants you will produce both two types of Strawberries, Symphony and Hapil, each with thir own deliciously juicy flavour.

Collection Varieties Symphony and Hapil
Colour Red
Height Approximately 15cm
Trail Approximately 30cm
Spread Approximately 30cm
Flowering August to September
Harvesting August to September
Planting Position Full Sun

Hapil: Popular variety that has worked well for many years. It flowers late, expecting to miss the last of the frosts and performs well in dry summers. The plants are easy to pick with excellent visibility in the row and produces heavy yields of large, well shaped, glossy fruits. Exceptional Pick Your Own and fresh market variety. Symphony: Bred by the Scottish Crop Research Institute this is a top quality fruit, ideal for Pick Your Own. Bright, glossy berries with well coloured flesh and have a good shelf life. The plants are vigorous and strong growing with a high percentage of Class 1 fruit. Symphony also has good field resistance to mildew.

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