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Creating a Tropical Garden

Who wouldn’t want an exotic, tropical paradise in their garden? Many people believe that tropical gardens are unmanageable and uncontrollable. With the right amount of maintenance, you can easily create a tropical garden with a touch of modern formality.





Your exotic garden should be leafy, luxuriant and exotic; it may possibly be quite outrageous compared to your current beds and borders. It’s all about bold foliage, large palms, strong shapes and scent. Don’t be scared to make extravagant plant choices, plant densely and create contrasts throughout your design.


Firstly, do a little research into what will grow best in your area. It’s a misconception that exotic plants will only thrive in tropical countries; they will do just fine in a sunny English garden too!

Tropical gardens reach a crescendo in midsummer; such a fantastic display compromises the colour in your garden during the winter but we hope you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait.


In high summer an exotic garden looks almost magical, filled with the sweet scent of Jasmine and the bright blooms of Canna plants. Cordylines and Hibiscus flowers make a stunning summer combination of bold palm-like leaves and beautiful exotic flowers.  In winter not all is lost, you will be amazed by the survival of your tropical hardy plants and the architectural display they create.


Aim to fill your border with purples, white, reds, yellows and oranges. Don’t include too much white as it can dilute what should be a rainbow of colours. You can either colour block your beds, borders and containers or mix things up a little


With such a theatrical display, you may feel you need to restore some order by planting in a formal pattern. Repeat and group plants together, plant in height order and make sure your main plants don’t become too swamped by others. Remember to vary some of the edging plants to stop it looking too mechanical.


Water features look brilliant amongst this jungle-themed paradise. If you want to include a small pond or waterfall feature, make sure you plant correctly in the surrounding area. Bog loving plants with thrive in these conditions, but many others will suffer in the damp soil.


Co-ordinate your garden furniture and accessories with your planting scheme. Terracotta pots, bright lanterns and colourful cushions are a brilliant way to tie in your plants and decorations, giving you that finishing touch.

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