How to Grow Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is easy and great fun for all ages. The results are far tastier and more nutritious than you can get from the supermarket - as well as being cheaper! Every season we use our years of experience to put together a comprehensive range of the best varieties offering the widest possible set of options.

For beginners and experienced gardeners...

Making a start planting a vegetable plot or allotment can be daunting, which is why we’ve put together growing guides for each vegetable we sell to provide you with instant know-how. Each guide provides the basics - step by step instructions to guide beginners through propagation, planting out and harvesting - as well as giving handy tips and plant facts to help more experienced gardeners get the best out of their plants.

Information on when to plant, when to harvest and different soil types will also help you to plan out your fruit garden, choosing which combination of varieties to go for and whether to start with a packet of seeds or save on time and plant out plugs. Remember that creating a traditional vegetable garden is not the only option - our guides also give information on suitability for container and patio growing.

We have the following vegetable guides:


Artichokes Guide

Asparagus Guide

Beans Guide

Beetroot Guide

Cabbage, Kale and Brassicas Guide

Carrot, Swede and Turnip Guide

Celery Guide

Chillies, Peppers and Aubergines Guide

Cucumber Guide

Garlic Guide

Herbs Guide

Leeks Guide

Lettuce Guide

Onions Guide

Peas Guide

Potatoes Guide

Radishes Guide

Rhubarb Guide

Spinach and Chard Guide

Tomatoes Guide

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