Care Instructions for Bulbs, Tubers & Corms

Our value for money bulbs not only includes last year’s favourites but also a range of brand new varieties. Flowering plant bulbs will come up year after year. We have a great mix of Spring, Summer and Autumn bulbs so there’s something for every season.

When They Arrive

Once your plants have arrived, remove them from the packaging carefully. Plant immediately, if you are unable to plant straight away, store in a cool, dry, dark, frost-free area away from draughts.

Garden Planting

Plant in well-drained, fertile soil. If the soil is heavy with clay, dig in some peat and add some sand to help improve the drainage. Bulbs in the garden are as a general rule planted two to three times their own depth and spaced about two Bulbs width apart. Ensure the top of the Bulb is facing upwards when planting. If you are not sure which is the top or bottom of the Bulb place the Bulb on its side.

Container Planting

Ideally, use a Bulb mix from a Garden Centre. When planting in containers it is important to ensure that the Bulbs have good drainage as they do not like to be in very wet compost, therefore, use a well-draining compost and place a layer of the broken crock or small stones approximately 2.5cm (1”) deep at the base of the pot. Place as many Bulbs in the container as you wish, to fill the container to capacity just make sure that you follow the general rule and allow at least a 2.5cm (1”) gap between each Bulb.


It is not always necessary to add feed if you have reasonably fertile soil. Do not use manure or rotting compost as they may rot the Bulbs, bone meal is best. To prolong the life of the Bulbs, feed in the spring as the leaves are developing, this will give a bonus feed and aid the energy to build up in the Bulb for the following year.