Care Instructions for White or Brown Mushrooms

Here is a great way to produce 100% natural, freshly grown, healthy mushrooms. From picked to the table in less than 10mins, it is an excellent ingredient for a healthy diet. This White Mushroom is commonly found in supermarkets and shops. A great favourite with a mild, woody flavour. A brown variety of the White Mushroom is also known as the Chestnut Mushroom.

When They Arrive

White Mushrooms
  1. Take the bag with covered soil from the packaging and place it in a cool place. Set the packaging with the plastic lid, and store it at a temperature of 20-25°C.
  2. After this period, the compost will have turned completely white with fungus (mycelium). Now take the bag with covered soil and punch ten holes on each side. Put the bag on 0.5 litres of water for 30 minutes, open the bag and spread the covered soil evenly and loosely over the compost.
  3. Now put the set aside with the lid closed for 5-8 days, at a temperature of 20-25°C. In this period the mycelium will grow through the layer of covered soil to the surface. Once the cover soil is covered with white mycelium, put the set in a cooler space of 15-18°C.


Brown Mushrooms
  1. Take a mushroom between your fingertips and carefully pull it out with a twist of the hand.
  2. Do not pull out without twisting and do not harvest undersized mushrooms.
  3. Always water regularly to prevent the covered soil from drying out. If all mushrooms have been harvested, water again.
  4. After around a week, new mushrooms appear. This process may repeat itself three times.