• Autumn bedding from only £12.99

    Order your Autumn bedding

    Order your Autumn bedding

    Order Your Autumn Small Plugs Today from just 12p each

    • Order your Autumn bedding
    Wallflower Wizard

    Wallflower Wizard

    Wallflower Wizard comes in a dazzling array of colours and is perfect for brightening up any garden through the colder months

    • Wallflower Wizard
  • Bulbs from just £10.99!

    Spring Flowering Bulbs

    Spring Flowering Bulbs

    Our Spring Bulbs will come up year after year and will give you years of delight.

    • Spring Flowering Bulbs
    30 Bright Side Bulb Combination

    30 Bright Side Bulb Combination

    Real in the summer sun with this great collection of 30 tulips and daffodils.

    • 30 Bright Side Bulb Combination
  • Bare root roses from £11.99

    Every garden needs a Rose, but with so many types on the market, it can often be difficult to find dependable varieties.

    Iceberg Climbing Rose

    Iceberg Climbing Rose

    This Iceberg Climbing Rose is sure to amaze you with its prolific blooms of ruffled, pristine white petals, growing up to 4.5 metres

    • Iceberg Climbing Rose
  • Testimonials

    Mrs W Cheshire: My begonias arrived and I’m absolutely delighted with them! I was very pleased with the packaging and the condition of the plants was excellent!’

    Mrs P Belfast: Your packaging is first class and your plants always give me great satisfaction and are admired by many’


    Reviews from Spring 2019

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