The Best Plants For Hanging Baskets

Plants for hanging baskets are ideal for creating interest and bringing a new dimension to your garden without compromising on space. 

Trailing plants are the preferred variety of plants to grow in hanging baskets. This is because they quickly and easily fill a container to create captivating and cascading colours in your garden.

However, choosing which trailing plants for hanging baskets can be difficult and is really down to personal preference. If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we’ll go through the best plants for hanging baskets in our guide.


Trailing Petunias are a top seller of ours and will provide excellent colour displays throughout Spring and Summer. Petunias can thrive in a range of soil PH levels and will do well in sunny locations as well as partially shaded ones.

Petunias are the perfect hanging basket plant and will create an avalanche of fabulous colour. They also work well in pots or containers where the blooms can spill and trail over.

Our Petunia Grand Prix trailing mix will bring an assortment of colours that will look stunning trailing over the edges of your hanging basket.

Why choose Petunias

  • They establish themselves without difficulty
  • They flower prolifically from June through to October
  • They thrive and look spectacular in patio pots, containers, hanging baskets and border
  • They are easy to care for and will thrive in full sun or partially shaded locations


When it comes to hanging baskets, begonias will give you that wow factor, especially if you choose to cascade or trailing varieties. That’s because their stems create a fountain effect, first gushing up towards the sky and then flowing over the edges. Begonias produce giant-sized flowers throughout the summer which make them a firm favourite for a lot of gardeners. They are incredibly easy to grow and will give you a full season of colour.

Our brightly coloured varieties include Begonia Pendula Mix with its colourful flowers contrasting beautifully against the dark foliage or our impressive Begonia Double with huge double blooms reaching up to 20cm across!

Why choose Begonias

  • Begonias add a burst of colour to your garden
  • They are very easy to grow and care for
  • They will thrive in both full sun and partially shaded areas


Fuchsias are a well known and popular staple in the British summer garden. Fuchsias have a great many attributes, one of which being that once planted and established they can thrive in the British climate for years with a minimal amount of care.

If you want a really striking display this is the Fuchsia Giant is the one to choose. Bright purple, pink and white tubular absolutely huge blooms up to three inches across! Our Fuchsia trailing variety come in the prettiest of shades of pinks, whites and purples, the perfect choice for brightening up your hanging baskets and pots from May right through to the first frosts. A really good choice for spectacular displays of colour this season.

Why choose Fuschias

  • There are around 2,000 varieties of Fuchsia in the UK which come in a range of sizes and colour combinations
  • You don’t need many plug plants to achieve a fulsome and vibrant display
  • They are prolific flowering and will bloom from summer through to autumn in partially shaded locations or in full sun
  • Their blooms are perfect in trailing hanging baskets, containers and in patio pots


Geraniums are a traditional summer bedding plant that is drought-tolerant, tough plants that grow well in hanging baskets. If you’re looking for a reliable plant that can really bring that wow factor to your summer display, Geraniums are a perfect choice and one of our most popular plants for summer baskets and bedding.

One of the many benefits of adding Geraniums into your summer garden is their versatility. Our range can offer solutions for everything from pots and window boxes, to borders or hanging baskets.

Often seen in their bright red form in varieties such as Geranium Red Trailing are easy to grow and have been bred to trail well over the side of a hanging basket. Geranium Mixed Ivy Trailing have dainty but prolific flowering heads that will cascade over the sides of your baskets and pots in a waterfall of lovely colour. It is a really great choice and the shades are simply delightful.

Why choose Geraniums

  • Geraniums are a very low maintenance variety of plant
  • Their flowers are a rich source of nectar which attracts bees and butterflies
  • Geraniums thrive in pots and containers


Lobelias are summer bloomer that produces mass displays of dainty blooms ranging from pinks, reds to cool blues, which make spectacular additions to hanging baskets.

Choose from single coloured varieties, such as Lobelia Royal Blue produce tiny bright blue flowers that will spread perfectly at the front of your borders and baskets. While Lobelia Trail Away provides a mix of lilac and blue flowers that flow over the edges of hanging baskets. 

Why choose Lobelias

  • Lobelias are easy to grow and require little maintenance
  • Lobelias produce beautiful, cascading blooms from mid-summer until the first frost
  • They will grow well in full sun or partially shaded areas and in fertile, well-drained soil

Now that you know what the best trailing plants are for hanging baskets why not take a look at our range of trailing plants for hanging baskets to get you started.