Top 10 Summer Bedding Plants

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Summer Bedding Plants don’t all have to be Geraniums and Begonias! Many customers send us photos of their gardens and some of the best that we’ve seen are filled with variety. Bedding doesn’t have to be the sole source of colour for your display. Many gardeners bring variety through Trailing Plants and Climbing Plants. Our range of Bedding Plants offers a wide selection of annual plants to fill all of your needs. You can find many varieties of Bedding that you may never have heard of or thought of growing from Alyssums to Zinnias.

Well, known favourites including Petunias and Geraniums (aka Pelargoniums) are relatively frost-hardy plants. Perennials are an excellent alternative to our Annual Bedding range and will last year after year. Please note: Spring Bedding Plants have to be grown before being planted in your tubs or garden. Do not plant them out in the garden until the risk of frost has passed. Plug Plants, Ready Plants, Large Plants and Mega Plants!
Our cutting raised plants are available in Large Plants.

We’ve listed our 10 best Spring and Summer Bedding Plants below:

1. Geraniums

Flowering between Spring and Summer, these sturdy, sun-loving plants are best suited to hot, dry positions. Pelargoniums, commonly known as Geraniums, are versatile Bedding Plants for Summer and include trailing, climbing and upright varieties which are perfect for beds, borders, containers, hanging baskets, troughs and anything else you can think to plant them in!

Geraniums are most commonly available in varying shades of pink, red and white but are also available in an assortment of bicolours. Regal cultivars prefer partial shade and zonal cultivars will tolerate some shade.

2. Begonias

One of the most versatile Summer Bedding Plants, Begonias are well-loved for their large flamboyant blooms in a wide range of colours, and their ability to thrive in both sun and shade. Flowering continuously throughout the Summer until the first frosts they are perfect for long-lasting displays. Begonias can be upright or trailing and are suitable for beds, borders, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Tuberous Begonias, such as Begonia Balcony, can be lifted and stored over Winter and get bigger and better each year, whereas Begonia semperflorens cultivars, such as Begonia Sahara, are treated as Annual Bedding Plants.

3. Busy Lizzies (Impatiens)

Incredibly valuable for shadier beds and borders, Impatiens Summer Bedding Plants will produce large flowers in a range of fruity colours, from pinks to reds through purples and white.
New Guinea Impatiens have replaced the previously popular Impatiens Walleriana due to Downy Mildew, but share the same desirable characteristics – a long flowering period, bushy mounding habit and a preference for partial shade.

Forming big spreading plants, Busy Lizzies are superb for ground cover in beds and borders or will quickly fill patio containers with colour up to the first frosts.

4. Petunias

Easily the Summer Bedding variety with the most exciting blooms! Petunias are popular for their large trumpet flowers in a fantastic array of bright colours and patterns, including stripes and picotees.
These vigorous half-hardy annuals can be trailing or upright, and look spectacular spilling from hanging baskets, window boxes and containers, or planted en-masse in beds and borders.

Petunias are particularly useful if you’re looking for purple bedding plants, offering shades of mauve, lilac-blue or rich deep purple.

5. Pansies

A gardeners favourite, Pansies are a colourful and extremely easy variety to grow, offering long-lasting colour from May to the first frosts. They can be grown in a sunny or partially shaded position and prefer moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil.
Available in a wide range of colours from pure whites to intense purples, they are perfect for brightening up your baskets, pots, troughs or border displays.

Don’t forget to deadhead your Summer flowering Pansies regularly for continuous flowering!

6. Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas make fantastic cottage garden Bedding Plants. Let them scramble up obelisks, wigwams or netting where they will reach heights of 1.8m (6′) or alternatively try dwarf sweet peas for groundcover at the front of beds and borders.

With their delightful fragrance and wide range of colours, Sweet Peas are excellent Summer Bedding Plants for providing bunches of gorgeous fragrant cut flowers throughout the Summer months!

7. Antirrhinums

Much loved for their architectural flower spikes and incredibly long flowering period, Antirrhinums have fascinating mouth-like flowers which open when squeezed, making them a particular favourite with children.
Available in a wide range of strong and vibrant colours, Snapdragon can have upright, dwarf and trailing habits. Tall snapdragons make superb cut flowers and add height to beds and borders; dwarf snapdragons can be used in beds, borders and patio containers.

If you’re looking for bedding plants that attract bees, Antirrhinums are a good nectar source, being most popular with bumblebees.

8. Lobelias

The dainty flowers of Lobelia create wonderful dense waterfalls of colour in hanging baskets and containers or grow the upright varieties for edging beds and borders. Easy to grow and long-flowering, they complement any summer bedding scheme and look particularly pretty mingling with Bedding Plants in hanging baskets.

Lobelia generally comes in shades of cool blue, purple and white and are great if you’re looking for blue Annual Bedding Plants.

9. Marigolds

Marigolds are a fantastic way of introducing sunshine shades, including yellows, oranges and reds to your Summer garden displays. With their large, showy blooms they are an exceedingly popular variety for beds, borders and patio pots.
Marigolds are not fussy! A position and any good garden soil and a little water during dry spells should keep them happy, as long as it is not too acidic.

These Summer favourites are also perfect for attracting butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects to your garden throughout the Summer.

10. Gazanias

For vibrant, unrivalled colour in your garden this Summer, choose one of our Gazania varieties! A very striking and popular plant that will bloom throughout the Summer until the first frosts in hot hues of orange, pink, yellow and cream.

They are well suited to hot and dry areas of your garden and will create show-stopping displays in your tubs, troughs, pots and garden borders.